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  • UNESCO cultural and natural heritage

    in Türkiye

    Türkiye offers unique experiences and learning opportunities at its World Heritage Sites, which are recognized by UNESCO through programs such as the Memory of the World Program, Global Geoparks, and World Biosphere Reserves Network. Some of the country’s World Heritage Sites are protected by other international conventions and national laws. Türkiye features a total of 18 entries on the UNESCO World Heritage List, two of which are mixed featured.

    These sites offer an opportunity to take an interesting journey through Türkiye’s history, natural patterns, and wildlife.

    In addition, 297 assets are registered in 35 categories in Türkiye's national Intangible Cultural Heritage inventory, offering an invaluable opportunity to discover and experience ancient Anatolian traditions. We are also pleased to note that Türkiye is among the top five countries registering the most cultural practices, with 20 cultural practices registered on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Representative List.

    For more information: https://gounescoturkiye.com/ 

    UNESCO Creative Cities Network

    The UNESCO Creative Cities Network Program (UCCN) was launched by UNESCO in 2004. The initiative brings together cities across various regions, with different income levels, capacity, and population, to work in the field of creative industries. According to the UCCN, the program aims “to strengthen cooperation with and among cities that have recognized creativity as a strategic factor of sustainable development as regards economic, social, cultural and environmental aspects.”

    Seeking to develop the creative, economic, and social potential of cultural industries run by local actors, the UCCN supports UNESCO’s ideals of cultural diversity. The Creative Cities Network is built around 7 creative fields that can be selected by cities based on their creative industry preferences, where they can direct their own talents and energies. These themes are crafts and folk art, design, film, gastronomy, literature, media arts, and music. Currently, there are 246 members in the Creative Cities Network.

    Discover the cities in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, when they joined, and their distinctive creative fields!

    Gaziantep – Gastronomy (2015)

    Hatay – Gastronomy (2017)

    İstanbul – Design (2017)

    Kütahya – Craft and Folk Arts (2017)

    Afyonkarahisar – Gastronomy (2019)

    Kırşehir – Music (2019)

    For more information on UNESCO Gastronomy cities in Türkiye: https://gogastroturkiye.com/unesco-creative-cities-network