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    Sitting at the meeting point between Europe and Asia, Türkiye is at the heart of the world and can be reached by air, railway, road, and sea.

    Whether you are visiting from your own country or traveling within Türkiye to see your homeland from a new perspective, opt to leave a smaller carbon footprint and protect the environment and wildlife by choosing an alternative method of transport.

    Eco - Friendly Travel By Bicycle

    Türkiye has magical lands where magnificent natural beauty complements the country’s rich history. Explore Türkiye on an eco-friendly bike and enjoy this unique harmony along scenic biking routes that are suitable for cyclists of all levels, whether you’re new to cycling or a seasoned two-wheel adventurer!

    For more information: https://gocyclingturkiye.com

    Discover The Undiscovered By Train

    If you are concerned about the impact of your holiday on the climate and environment, you can explore Türkiye by opting for low-impact train travel and witnessing fantastic views along the way! Travelling by train lowers your carbon emissions by half compared to travelling by plane, and if you’re looking to discover Türkiye off the beaten track, the country’s extensive railway network will take you directly to many charming smaller cities.

    For more information: https://gorailtoursturkiye.com/

    Sea Voyages Along Turquoise Coasts

    Türkiye features numerous sailing routes where nature and history dance in sensational harmony. The country is a unique paradise for voyages on crystal blue seas, with ideal sailing routes, gorgeous bays, sheltered moorings, world-famous marinas, and picturesque coastal towns – all set against Türkiye’s unique heritage and cultural traditions. The country’s waters welcome both those planning sailboat holidays and amateur sailors looking to develop their maritime abilities.

    For more information: https://gobluevoyageturkiye.com/