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  • sustainable events and festivals

    Sustainable Living Film Festival

    Since 2008, the Sustainable Living Film Festival has contributed to the creation of a new culture of life by inspiring the concept of sustainability and its systemic issues with stories collected from different parts of the world. Inviting its audience to move towards ethical transformation with its impact-oriented selection of films, the festival – the product of a collective effort of artists and filmmakers – is held with the voluntary support of individuals and organizations who believe a sustainable world is possible.

    Bozcaada International Festival of Ecological Documentary

    Ecology is the permanent theme of the Bozcaada International Festival of Ecological Documentary (BIFED), which has been held since 2013. The festival is a member of the international Green Film Network (GFN) platform, which brings together film festivals in the field of ecology, environmentalism, and sustainability. 

    Environmental Festival of Kadıköy Municipality

    Every year since 2017, all activities focusing on nature within the scope of Environment Week come together at Selamiçeşme Liberty Park for the Environmental Festival organized by the Kadıköy Municipality. The festival is open to participation by all democratic mass organizations, non-governmental organizations, platforms, and initiatives that favor the environment, and its program is created in partnership with the participants.

    The festival, which features the slogan “Work for Nature,” has been organized around the themes of “Ecological Life in the City”, “Marmara Sea and Biodiversity”, “Breaking Concrete, Meeting the Soil”, and “Waste-Free Life.” In addition to participating booths, the festival program includes discussions, panels, workshops, and theater and music events organized around ecological issues and themes.