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  • eco-certificates and eco-labels

    in Türkiye

    In Türkiye, we register our sustainability goals with national and international labels. We’re proud to be part of many leading eco-certifications, such as Blue Flag and the Airport Carbon Accreditation.

    To experience a unique destination – and care about the local community by minimizing your environmental footprint – you can opt for eco-labeled products, services, and businesses that care about environmental protection, making up for some of the burden your travel places on the planet.

    Ensure that your visit to Türkiye has the smallest possible ecological footprint by choosing green holiday providers that are certified as eco-friendly.

    Türkiye has also started to develop its own sustainability standards and national environmental ethics.

    Blue Flag

    The Blue Flag is one of the world’s most prestigious international awards, aiming to ensure that beaches, marinas, and sustainable boat tourism operators meet a range of environmental, educational, safety, and accessibility criteria. Türkiye is proud to rank third in the world with 519 Blue Flag beaches!

    For more information: https://gobeachandfun.goturkiye.com/

    Green Airport

    Green Airport is the national Turkish label that promotes the systematic reduction and elimination of harm to the environment and human health by organizations operating in their communities.

    Green Port

    Green Port is a national eco-label that encourages the reduction and prevention of environmental risks arising from port and ship operations. In so doing, it ensures maximum energy savings and keeps energy efficiency at the highest level in port operations and reduces greenhouse gas and harmful emissions from operations within port boundaries.

    ACA - Airport Carbon Accreditation

    As the only current global carbon management certification program for airports, ACA supports airports’ efforts to manage and reduce carbon emissions through a six-level certification, including “Mapping”, “Reduction”, “Optimization”, “Neutrality”, “Transformation” and “Transition.”  IGA İstanbul Airport and TAV Milas-Bodrum Airport have been granted ACA carbon standard.  

    Green Star

    The Green Star is a national label granted to environmentally-conscious accommodation facilities to improve environmental awareness and promote the positive contributions of tourist facilities to the environment.

    Orange Flag

    Orange Flag is a national eco-label that directly contributes to efforts to prevent food waste and protect food. The eco-label seeks to raise awareness of this in society and produces radical solutions to the problem of food waste.


    Travelife is a leading global training, management, and certification initiative for tourism companies dedicated to achieving sustainability.

    ISO 14001

    Hundreds of hotels in Türkiye have ISO 14001 management certificates. The ISO 14001 is an international management standard developed to achieve sustainable development goals, to raise consumer awareness, and to promote the use of advanced technologies that do not destroy the environment and resources. In addition, ISO 14001 evaluates the effects of products on the environment during their lifecycle and ensures the elimination of harmful products.

    Green Key    

    The Green Key award is the leading international standard of excellence in environmental responsibility and sustainable operations in the tourism industry.

    Green Globe

    Green Globe is a global eco-label application structured to provide high-environmental standards

    and measure the sustainability performance of tourism and travel businesses and their supply chains.