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  • green hospitality

    There are many accommodation options in picturesque locations across Türkiye that offer the opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint. From hotels that are globally recognized for their commitment to sustainable hospitality to camping under the stars, there’s plenty for green and conscious travelers to choose from!

    Stay Green, Sleep Green

    While visiting Türkiye, you can opt to stay in a vast range of eco-certified hotels and accommodation to minimize your carbon footprint. There are numerous hotels and inns of all sizes across the country that have international and national eco-labels. Türkiye’s leading chain hotels are also pioneers of sustainable practices in the international hospitality industry, with high standards that help protect our world while providing a world-class experience to their guests.

    Bicycle - Friendly Hotels

    As part of encouraging sustainable tourism and attracting ethical and active travelers, Türkiye has established the “Bicycle-Friendly Accommodation Facilities Certificate” to promote bicycle tourism. The certificate is awarded to hotels and other types of accommodation that meet a range of criteria such as providing a safe parking space for bicycles, employing staff who have a knowledge of local cycling routes, and providing a bicycle cleaning and repair area. We invite you to explore Türkiye on a bike and lose yourself in our beautiful scenery!

    For more information: https://gocyclingturkiye.com/bicycle-friendly-accomodation-facilities    

    Camping and Glamping

    Isn’t it a universal dream of people across the world to pack a tent and embark on an adventure? Türkiye, with its sunny days, untouched nature, secluded bays, clear seas, ancient ruins and, of course, its renowned hospitality, offers new experiences and incredible opportunities for travelers who are nature enthusiasts! You can find camping experiences across the country to suit a wide variety of tastes, from those travelers who like to sleep under the stars to those who prefer a little more luxury in their lives.

    For more information: https://gocampingturkiye.com/camping-and-glamping

    Authentic Highland Getaways

    Live like a local in the Turkish Highlands! In addition to the Black Sea Region, the rugged lands of the Mediterranean and Aegean Regions are excellent getaways in the sultry summer season! The cool breezes among the hills, along with unique local lifestyles, food, and traditions, offer great perspectives on Türkiye’s ancient beauty. Check out some of the magnificent highlands in different areas of Türkiye, which are full of hidden spots for hiking, picnicking, camping, or just enjoy the rare weather of these incredible destinations as you escape the city.

    For more information: https://goplateaus.goturkiye.com/