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    Rich biodiversity, mountains, lakes, streams and wetlands, forests and steppes, and uncountable traces of different cultures can be found throughout Türkiye’s ancient, bountiful lands. From observing wildlife to mountain hiking, the options for sustainable adventures in Türkiye are endless!


    You can experience the diversity of wildlife in Türkiye without harming it. An exciting eco-friendly activity is birdwatching: Türkiye is a globally-important geography where intercontinental bird migration routes intersect in the northern and southern directions, offering exceptional opportunities for birdwatching at dedicated sanctuaries and in the country’s spectacular national parks. Different regions of Türkiye offer you the opportunity to observe a great variety of bird species.

    For more information: https://ecolife.goturkiye.com/the-bird-observation-places

    Wildlife Observation 

    Explore the Turkish countryside and discover even more wildlife! 

    Yearling Horses

    Do you love horses and enjoy taking amazing photos of wild horses?

    If so, you must visit Hürmetçi village! Set in the shadow of the volcanic Erciyes Mountain, between Kayseri, Cappadocia, and Karadağ, the area is home to about 500 wild horses who roam southern Central Anatolia. Karadağ also features the site of the important Byzantine center Binbir Kilise, which literally translates into “A Thousand and One Churches.”  

    Caretta Carettas (Loggerhead sea turtles) 

    Watch Caretta caretta turtles on their journey to the sea. 

    Turkish beaches feature some of the world’s most important nesting areas for loggerhead sea turtles, better known across the world as Caretta carettas. For the Chelonia mydas (green sea turtle), 99% of its nesting areas are in Türkiye and Cyprus. In Türkiye, more than 20 nesting beaches have been identified and are currently protected.

    Some of these protected beaches are in Belek, Patara, Göksu, Köyceğiz-Dalyan, and Fethiye-Göcek. If you want to witness the adventure of turtles spawning and hatching, visit these beaches between May and August.

    Butterfly Valley 

    Become enchanted by colorful butterflies.

    Dozens of new species of insects and other invertebrates are discovered in Türkiye every year. The most well-known species are daytime butterflies, and many of these are species native to Türkiye. In particular, the provinces of Van, Hakkari, and Artvin are notable for their butterfly populations. Türkiye’s endemic butterflies are of great interest to both lepidopterists (butterfly enthusiasts) and fervent observers. 

    Botanical Beauty

    Türkiye has a special place in the world with its stunning floral richness. In fact, the country has enough species diversity to compete with the entire European continent.

    Türkiye is also the only country featuring three points of biodiversity, being home to nearly 12,000 plant species, and more than 3,500 of them – or 30% - are endemic.

    In addition, you can find more than 2,300 mushroom species in Türkiye! Witness the vast distribution and endemicity of Türkiye’s floral beauty and create a diverse range of botanical routes according to your interests!

    Outdoor Adventures

    There are many activities available to ensure that your land adventure experiences in Türkiye are eco-friendly and in harmony with the spectacular natural surroundings you’ll find yourself in!

    Trekking and Hiking

    With its numerous national parks and mountains, Türkiye’s vast geography has some of the most beautiful trekking and hiking trails in the world. Get away from the crowds, immerse yourself in nature, and discover the true beauty of the country, its friendly locals, its historical sites, and the magnificent, stunning views by foot!

    For more information: https://adventureturkiye.com/trekking-and-hiking


    Isn’t it a universal dream to pack a tent and embark on an adventure? With its untouched nature and sunny weather, clear seas and hidden bays, ancient ruins and, of course, renowned hospitality, Türkiye offers new experiences and incredible opportunities for nature-friendly travelers. Pitch your tent and wake up breathing in the fresh mountain air or go to sleep hearing the calming sounds of Türkiye’s turquoise seas.

    For more information: https://gocampingturkiye.com/ 

    Rock Climbing

    Türkiye is an ideal destination for rock climbers, featuring steep cliffs for a multitude of different rock-climbing styles, and friendly and welcoming locals who are ready to show you the best spots! The country’s largest developed rock-climbing area is around Antalya and the sports climbing region of Geyikbayırı, which has over 700 routes of all grades.

    For more information: https://adventureturkiye.com/rock-climbing 


    Türkiye is a true paradise for caving enthusiasts. Exploring the country’s hidden caves is guaranteed to satisfy those seeking an exciting adventure. With its unique geography and more than 40,000 caves, Türkiye welcomes those who want to explore underground lakes, cisterns, and abundant stalactites and stalagmites!

    For more information: https://adventureturkiye.com/caving

    Canyon Walks

    Türkiye has many excellent passageways and gorges for canyoning. Offering a different type of beauty to adventure seekers, these canyons are sure to boost your adrenaline levels and get your heart pumping. All Turkish canyon guides are professionally qualified and experienced. All you need to bring is your spirit of adventure – and a reasonable level of fitness!

    For more information: https://adventureturkiye.com/canyoning

    Horseback Riding

    Türkiye has an ancient horse culture, which is still alive and thriving today! Explore the rich local culture and heritage with knowledgeable and experienced guides. Embark on an incredible journey through Cappadocia or the extraordinary beauty of the Taurus Mountains on horseback. 

    For more information: https://adventureturkiye.com/horseback-riding 

    Crystal - Clear Waters

    Many opportunities for exploring above and beneath the waves of seas and lakes await you in Türkiye, where you can enjoy water sports and observe underwater life without harming the environment and wildlife. Türkiye invites visitors to explore its magnificent seas, fast-flowing streams, and unique wetlands. 


    As the meeting point of East and West, Türkiye is a diving destination that delivers unforgettable experiences straight from the history books! You can dive from boats, explore sunken ships of times gone by, go night diving, and investigate caves and wall dives in subterranean crevices in both the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas.

    For more information: https://godivingturkiye.com/

    Windsurfing and Kitesurfing

    Türkiye offers windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts the warm and crystal-clear waves of the Mediterranean in the south and the euphoric winds of the Black Sea in the north! The conditions are also ideal for beginners, with calm waters that are perfect for learning to surf.

    For more information: https://adventureturkiye.com/windsurfing-and-kitesurfing


    High mountains, long rivers, and stunning green valleys make Türkiye a true paradise for rafters and nature lovers, featuring large rivers and streams with fast-flowing waters ideal for this exciting adventure sport.

    For more information: https://adventureturkiye.com/rafting 


    Explore the multihued blue waters of Türkiye in a canoe! The coastline of southwestern Türkiye, where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean, is a noted destination for sea kayakers. Canoe tours promise energy-boosting physical activity as well as unforgettable hours in nature. You can be sure that the fun is worth the effort! Kekova Island and Kaş in Antalya and Lake Durusu in Istanbul are just some of the country’s unmissable canoeing hotspots.

    For more information: https://adventureturkiye.com/kayaking

    Underwater Photography

    Türkiye is a global destination for underwater photography, featuring more than 8,000 kilometers of coastline and beaches, many of which have the Blue Flag eco-label! The Turkish coastline also offers a diverse underwater ecosystem and clear freshwater lakes of all sizes, just waiting for you to capture their beauty in a stunning photo. Make sure to share your best shots with us on social media!

    Scuba diving and snorkeling spots abound in Türkiye. If you are not a proficient diver, you can take a diving course here and get started on your underwater photography adventure!

    For more information: https://adventureturkiye.com/diving

    Slow Cities, Conscious Living

    Peace in nature and tranquility abound amid historical surroundings in Türkiye. The intersection of civilization and natural beauty is no more evident than in Türkiye’s 18 Cittaslows (Slow Cities), located in seven regions of the country. Cittaslows are part of an international movement founded in Italy that advocates for a high quality and slower pace of life. The Turkish Slow Cities embody these values, offering visitors intriguing historical characteristics, settlements on high plateaus, or stone houses in narrow streets overlooking the sea. While diverse in their offerings, all Slow Cities deliver an undeniable atmosphere of calm and relaxation for residents and visitors alike.

    For more information: https://slowcity.goturkiye.com/

    A Living Window Intro Tradition

    Travelers can witness the passion for tradition in Türkiye in the country’s handicrafts. Traditional handicrafts are practiced in every corner of Türkiye and in everyday life and are easily accessible to visitors. For many visitors, Turkish handicrafts are a wonderful reminder of unforgettable experiences that they can take home with them as a souvenir.

    Some of the artisans who continue working with traditional crafts are listed on Türkiye’s National Inventory of Living Human Treasures. There are currently 45 individuals registered across the country, 34 of whom are still alive. Hundreds of artisans, each specializing in different crafts, sell their creations in their workshops and give visitors the opportunity to witness their artistic process firsthand. In almost every city across Türkiye, you can experience the production of traditional crafts and, if you have time, you can join a workshop as well. By purchasing ethically- and locally-made crafts and products, you can contribute to the local community, support the local economy, and consume responsibly.

    For more information: https://gohandcraftsturkiye.com/