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  • Sustainable Tourism

    in Türkiye

    Türkiye offers numerous sustainable travel options for visitors who are environmentally-conscious, seek to minimize their carbon footprint, and care about recognizing and protecting local cultures while having unforgettable experiences.

    Ethical experiences for every kind of traveler

    If you are interested in outdoor activities, Türkiye offers choices in every region: majestic mountains and sparkling lakes, caves and national parks, and biodiversity and endemic species that are a continental feature.

    With many beautiful locations off the main tourist trails for exciting hiking, cycling, paragliding, and rafting experiences, you can enjoy your visit and explore your local surroundings using eco-friendly transportation, taking care of yourself and helping us protect the environment and the planet at the same time!

    Enjoy history and nature at UNESCO-listed heritage sites, experience the diverse cultural delights around every corner, get to know the country’s traditional lifestyles and discover the rich and varied Turkish cuisine – every region and city of Türkiye will surprise you and leave you wanting more with its unique culinary offerings!

    Be sure to also check out the many local gastronomy festivals and sample delectable products grown from ancestral seeds.

    Choose eco-friendly travel for a better, healthy world

    As we continue our work to make Türkiye a more sustainable global tourist destination, we are prioritizing the protection of our planet in everything that we do. We have set ourselves ambitious goals and continue to work diligently and ceaselessly towards achieving them.

    We are resolutely implementing the provisions of the numerous international environmental conventions which we are proud to be part of, such as the United National Sustainable Development Goals, which is the foundation of our sustainable tourism strategy.

    We aim through our projects on sustainability to leave the ultimate long-lasting legacy for future generations: an intact and healthy Planet Earth.

    We invite all travelers to beautiful Türkiye to join us in achieving this objective! This guide introduces you to the vast range of sustainable tourism experiences available in the country, helping you to make enlightened and ethical choices that will have a positive environmental impact during your stay with us.