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  • Türkiye Sustainability

    Türkiye is the ultimate destination for ethical, conscious travelers – a beautiful, untouched country passionate about sustainability that is calling out to be discovered! Whether you’re craving time in nature away from the crowds or seeking immersion in traditional heritage, Türkiye calls to green-minded adventurers from all over the world.

    Sustainable Tourism

    in Türkiye

    Türkiye offers numerous sustainable travel options for visitors who are environmentally-conscious, seek to minimize their carbon footprint, and care about recognizing and protecting local cultures while having unforgettable experiences.

    green hospitality

    There are many accommodation options in picturesque locations across Türkiye that offer the opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint.

    green transportation

    Sitting at the meeting point between Europe and Asia, Türkiye is at the heart of the world and can be reached by air, railway, road, and sea.

    green experiences

    Rich biodiversity, mountains, lakes, streams and wetlands, forests and steppes, and uncountable traces of different cultures can be found throughout Türkiye’s ancient, bountiful lands.

    UNESCO cultural and natural heritage

    in Türkiye

    Türkiye offers unique experiences and learning opportunities at its World Heritage Sites, which are recognized by UNESCO through programs such as the Memory of the World Program, Global Geoparks, and World Biosphere Reserves Network.

    sustainable gastronomy

    By opting for locally-sourced foods during your trip to Türkiye, you can support the protection of biodiversity and regional culture and identity, and the transfer of these values to future generations.

    sustainable events and festivals

    Since 2008, the Sustainable Living Film Festival has contributed to the creation of a new culture of life by inspiring the concept of sustainability and its systemic issues with stories collected from different parts of the world.

    eco-certificates and eco-labels

    in Türkiye

    In Türkiye, we register our sustainability goals with national and international labels. We’re proud to be part of many leading eco-certifications, such as Blue Flag and the Airport Carbon Accreditation.